August 18, 2009

Effin hilariuos dahling! :))

i was outdoor when our maid was singing "nobody by wondergirls" from her mp3...

she doesn't know that i was there..

and soooo funny!
hahaha :))

i took a video of herself with singing and dancing like this..

ehem ehem!

"ay wan nubadi nubadi batchoo!!! *clap clap* ay wan nubadi nubado batchoo!!! *clap clap..."

ahahaah :))

then when she turned around facing me way... i was bursting out loud LAUGHING..GOOFING..SWORING... EVEYRTHING!!!

she's soo funny, i might apply her to a comedian bar :))

too bad i'm gonna miss her :((

hahaha :)


the video was deleted in favor of hers.
Fod God sake "DAW"

she didn't want PUBLIC HUMILIATION :))))

1 comment:

Kyle Garcia said...

Haha.... Parang Pokwang-ish? Nice. :))