August 28, 2009

a little get together, are turning into visions of forever.

DPS Linggo ng Wika Celebration.

watch the MAIN event and GET-TOGETHER.

me and my high school friends ( arpp, deb )

went to watch the event.

after few performance, we got bored, then went to Starbucks instead.

Full of frappe and doughnuts. YuMMY!

gossips and everything, story of college life,

reminiscing times...

V-A-N-I-T-Y.... :))

and so on

later two of my high school friends (mel and jossa) came along.

let all the talkings to be with theirs. I don't want to do the talking, i'm sooo tired.

we've just talking for like 2 hours and soo..

sipping the drinks and eating the doughnuts.

talking talking and talking.

*missed each other much eh? :)


its time to go home.


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