September 6, 2009

Just like kindergarten...♥

so weird!!!!

so very ultra mega to the max to the highest level super HAPPY today :>

its just like kindergarten, playing playing and having fun.

we played like first timers...

first is.. he, wrote a letter for me, by the means of a largefries carton. HAHAHA :)) kindergarten....

first time to buy together in one shop...HAHAHA! weird though.. kindergarten...

first time to go to the church with him... talking and a lot of talking at the back of the church..wee :> kindergarten..

first time to jaywalk... so funny! were like running for our lives! laughter surrounds... just like kindergarten...

btw, honey? what will i do to your EFFIN phone??? burn or smash?! :>


HHHAAAPPPYYY 6th months in the 6th of the 9th month.
( uh? i'm lost? :> )

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