March 12, 2010

can't think of the perfect title for this

I know that you need to go
I know you need to walk away from me
But i know that i can't let you go,
For i am barricading myself centering you.

What is love without the other one?
It is heart ache for you and no one.
Too many sleepless nights have been away
you've cause it and make me in pain

Yet i still love you,
even the sacrifices that i have made
you still keep on hurting me again and again
like a star shooting and ended up as a meteor fallen grained.

Since you weren't supposed to see
what it feels like for me to be broken
A convincing smile is all i pasted here in my poker face
and made you feel like there's no problem to face.

And we go on to this story
I forget how awful i was
I remember that i still love you
and the pain goes away

Now all i'm asking for is to love me
Love me like you never love anyone
a love like permanent tattoo in your heart
that cannot be erased by anyone and everyone

And as i do ask, i will love you
Love you like no one else that i have ever love
Love you and will never fade
Love you with no regrets of loving you at all

Is it too much to ask?
for if it is, then i'll have to say goodbye to US.
It is better if things aren't connecting between you and me
and i will set you free.


you love me you liked her. isn't that the most hurtful part of loving you? YES.

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