March 11, 2010

Sometimes I forget how blessed I am.

There are times when I think that what I have is something that I deserve for being my hard-working parents’ daughter. I would even knowingly boast about it, thinking that this (expensive) material thing makes me look more worthy of people’s attention. And sometimes, people get too caught up with what I have, they tend to see me for the material stuff I flash to their faces. (Read: ‘friends’ who took me for granted).

What made my proud behavior worse is that I always enjoy what I’m given of without a piece of sincere gratitude in my heart. First, I thought money is everything. Second, I thought I deserve all these, why should I thank anyone?

I thought I can get through life as long as I have the prettiest shoes in my friendship group, or that spacious, vanilla-scented room every girl dreams of. Until one day, epiphany hits me too hard on my cheeks. Money is NOT everything. Yes, it buys you lovely things that could make you happy. Yes, it feeds your body. Yes, you need it. But no, it shouldn’t be the sum of all of you. No, it shouldn’t be the one you get your confidence from. No, it is definitely not the most vital thing you need.

God is all I need, and that will always be true.

I have all these because of who He is. I have all these because He loves me like that. I have all these because He made me His daughter and it’s that enough of a reason to give me everything. I have all these because what is His is mine. I have all these because we cannot stop Him from being unselfish and gracious.

So let’s not forget how blessed we are, so we can give thanks, and see more of His love.

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