June 2, 2010

expect the unexpected

JUNE 1, 2010

It was supposed to be just hangout at debbie's crib...

but as it turned out.

We've planned to go to unexpected swimming. It was pretty unexpected for real! I thought it was a joke but when i got home to get my clothes I was like "Oh my god, this is for real!!! WTF?! HAH!"

so, i guess i have no choice but to go with them (since it will be the last swimming for our summer 2010)


another unexpected plan was to sleep over at debbie's house. as you can see, my house is just 2 minutes away from hers.. I can't blame my mom who got a bit furious about it though.
(to think june 2 is her birthday celebration. SORRY!


We stayed there.. awake until 4 in the morning... got early becoz of Ara's enlistment in AdMU
( Oh! Bless her! ). Didn't eat that much breakfast, which is pretty bad for me coz i am on all breakfast diet.( Breakfast cereal only for the day. No one else!)


got home at around 11 in the afternoon. :)

Phew!!! Good thing the rain hasn't started yet :>

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