July 12, 2010

dance with me

Since i missed blogging my life...

and since, I'm feeling alone...

you're the only one i can share this with.

Hey, its Monday and i don't have class(GREAT) but this day wouldn't be that much "GREAT" if it weren't for that stupid phone call. It make me kinda lazy to do my gym work and homeworks too.
Its like an eclipse ruining my sunlight in the middle of the day.

"Is it good enough to acknowledge your absence??? just telling me now, and you're going elsewhere tonight?? PITY"

ayoko kasi ng ganun...at sa Malate part pa ng Manila ka pupunta.

even though you assured me that it will be just foods... still... i don't trust that place, neither your friend, whom i didn't know yet.

Its just one of the events that made me think that you're going back to the old you. Crazy that they plan to go out just this day and then go out this night.
I'm sorry but mas papaniwalaan ko pa na khpon pa niya sinabi sayo if he/she is your friend.

I just don't get the plan. It makes me suspicious.
It seems like yesterday, you were just dancing with me, but now... you're dancing with somebody else too. (Don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about other girl, if theres none,,, then good. If there's one, better pack your bags and get out of my life boy.)

All i'm asking is to make paalam very clearly w/o giving me any hint of doubt. Even if it was just a white lie., you know that you only have one single line... before i break down.. use it well.


call me greedy but i am greedy. again, sorry if i didn't meet your expectations.
I'm just being me.

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