February 20, 2011

What happened lately...

Hey! It's been a while since i update this blog (isn't it??) So, I need to catch up with some things that you've missed. First is on 2010.
December 2010

1. We attended the UP Lantern Parade and it was really worth it!! So many awesome lanterns have shown!! I was to amazed!

(goofing around before the parade start!)

One of the lanterns they've shown. =) But there's many more beautiful lanterns like that!!! =) (just lazy to upload the pics! XD)

Lastly is the FIREWORKS!!! XD

Tiring for like standing the whole afternoon, but for real, it was the best lantern parade ever!
Even though we want to make it up to UST's Paskuhan, this event ended almost midnight, So, instead we ended up going home.

Photo Credits to Alyssah Lucman and Mary Establecida. :*

(to be continued...)

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