March 23, 2011

It's been two years....

and still... I'm awfully, truly, madly, deeply in love with you! ♥

March 6, 2009, I said "yes", and up until now, I never thought of regretting it. :> S yeah, I must found the one. =)

March 6, 2011, in order to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, he took me to a dinner at centris point clawdaddy. It was a surprise for me, since i can't guess it the days before it. Before we go to the surprise date, we both go to the church (at UP DILIMAN) to thank the Lord for such blessing. It was the moment when i was really touched because when we were at the church, I loo at him in an instant then i said to myself involuntarily, "yeah, He's the one everything i've yearned for." This mushy stuffs was so intense that i got to cry while inside the church.

It was everything I ever wanted.

So, we went to the so called "surprise" but as we travel i fell asleep. (So i wouldn't know where we are heading to!)
We arrived at the place took pictures, and the picture tells everything. :)

CLAWDADDY! :'))))))))

Who's my clawdaddy?? :"")

Peaceful Night! :>

I love you very much!! and i promise tha i'll never let you go! :)

Oh and by the way, it is him who drives! (so kaming dalawa lang magkasama!) And it was an achievement!!!

That's all. I think. :>


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