April 8, 2011

Losing my grip

PS: If you don't want me ranting about something then don't read this. Because I don't have someone special to talk to right now, I ran into you (blogspot). Sorry i just need to talk about this. I can't keep it t myself.

PPS: I know soon you'll read this so like what I've said to you. "Don't bother."

PPPS: Sorry to fellow bloggers who will read this. It just feels like i need to do this.

APRIL 2011

At first all is going well, then i found out he was hiding something from me. It is about his interactions with the girls from his school, within Facebook. So he likes and comment to the photos and status of the girls then he delete it into his profile update so that i could not see it.

I'm a type of a girl who gets jealous easily, but hey man! If you like those photos and comments then don't hide it from me. I mean come on! It's even worse if i saw or heard it from our friends that "hey look at your boyfriend, liking those stuffs, did you know?". Ofcourse it's even unfair for me because I never interact with boys THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW. Unless it was my dancing partner Ernest right?

Come on! Yes i am a green-eyed monster but this is an exemption. If you hide it, then surely there is something going on, RIGHT?!!!!!

Another is.... whenever i complain something, or ask a (life changing) favor, you know what you do? YOU JUST SHUNT ME. But when it comes to your needs, you're always granted. What is this situation huh?! What happened to the equality we've talked about? Every time I complain about something, IN THE END, I'M STILL THE ONE WHO APOLOGIES. I mean, what the hell? Do i have the right to say what i want? Does it have justice? I know you're good at dishing people because it is your forte, but with me?! Iba na eh.

Hope you just realize that I don't want you to HIDE ANYTHING from me. From the first place, I asked for your transparency, but what happened? Just because i'm a jealous freak doesn't mean you hide these things away from me. I told you, it's even more hurtful.

This is just what i'm asking for. If you give this to me, we'll be good. You'll have YOUR FREEDOM that you've always wanted. You can meet and talk to girls just like you wanted and same as me. We'll have different lives but we're still good. I'm giving you the go signal to mingle with those girls, with limits. Even this happen, WE'RE STILL GOOD, i assure you that.

Let's see, when you read this i'm sure another world war will come up. But before that will start, I end this topic. From now on. Ok? This topic will end right here right now.

I don't want to get hurt again because of the same reason.

I'm sorry, this is me take it or leave it. This is what I want, make it or brake it.


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