May 24, 2011

Love Lie

Hello again blogsphere. It's been long time since I update my blog (due to laziness, twitter, and tumblr)

Anyway, I just want to rant about something that happened today.
I updated all of my stuffs here on the cybernet( well, most of it ),
I've learned new lessons that I might use for the latter part of my life too,
I've been hurt... ALOT.
I've been heartbroken.... TOO MUCH.
And awfully stressed-out much, even if it's not me who must be stressed because of that.

First things first..

I'm officially 3rd yr College Student. Had registered yesterday and all I can say about it is...

FCK that SCHED.  :|

As you can see, My WFS are fully loaded. :| It looks like my schedule is trying to kill me. Okay. :|
I don't know if I should ask and protest about my schedule, (since protesting it to the registrar would mean that I had a long long long long super long wait for their response.
So do you guys think that I should appeal this to our registrar?

I am super stressed because of my mom.
I know i'm supposed to be happy because of their 25th anniversary wedding something, but heck! I'm the one who is in charge of doing the templates and wordings of the invitation, Incharge of the folwer ornaments, ALMOST incharge of everything. I know it may sounds weird but i don't really like planning much of weddings and stuffs. All i want is for me to have the best night, and best gown every in my life. That's it. No more no less.
This is all I could say as of now, maybe because i'm not really into the aspect of planning my own wedding, it's not yet set in my mind.

I was HURT. Literally.
So clumsy of me to fell on my butt on the washroom. :| YAH.. Get the picture. Good thing i'm not pregnant. :| :))

I'm heartbroken.
I don't want to detail on what or how did it happen but what happened in that place, will stay in that place.
All I can say is that....
I just hope you'll not d it again. If you really know me that much, you must not do it in the first place.
I know she's kind to you and she's your friend, but you also knew that I am a jealous type.
... And i knew that you had once a crush on her. So that makes me caught of guard. You who flirts (even if you say it's just a mere casual joke), and you who always text her instead of me. Yeah I get it, SHE'S JUST YOUR FRIEND. THE ONLY GIRL THAT IS LEFT IN YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS CYCLE.
If you like her, just tell me, even if it hurts, I'll let you mingle with her, I'll let you ask her for a date if you must...
That I would be satisfied, but still heartbroken.
What else can I do? That happened. Nothing's gonna heal that. :(

To enlighten my mood,
I bought a baby drinking bottle for myself so that whenever i feel sad, broken, or any form of pain, I would drink to that and pretend that I was just a baby who was hurt and can be cured by a candy.
This is crazy but this is better than drinking alcohol right?

Well, I think that's it. I can't find the right words to speak of this pain.
It's ALL OVER PEOPLE! :O I hate this. Man, Seriously.

I need to have GOODVIBES tonight.
Any suggestions? 
Watch TV series?
Good movies?
Or anyone wants to enlighten my mood?
Let me know, okay!

Keep safe everyone!
God Bless!


"Love is rare, life is strange, nothing last and people change."

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