May 15, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Exprience ( Part1 )

Day 3 - SM Dept Store Show

So I got free tickets from for the SM Dept show of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011.
I was my very first time going to the Fashion Week and i'm pretty much excited about it. Since it's 3 tickets that got, I ask my friends to go with me ( Deb and Mel) since my baby is at school by that time. All of us were pretty much excited to go! :)

Before the show starts, my friend Debbie was interviews by flash report team of GMA 7. Teehee. Seconds of stardom! =)

Work it girl! =)


   Then the show starts with............. HIDEO MY LOVE! ♥

Them models! Debbie wants to be like that someday!
Color Blocking! LOVE LOVE LOVE! ♥

What we've wear. Deb and Mel go for a maxi while i stick with some LBD =)

The maxi ladies =)

Ofcourse I would not go out
 without something
PINK with me =)

Love that Red Shoes! ♥

Us girls =) LOL ♥

With Mellie ♥

With Mel again.

See I put off a tights & shorts 'coz I've been itching to walk like normal! LOL

Debbie changed her outfit as well. =) We hang for a while along seaside to wait for my Honey ♥
Deb even get a Photo-op with the robot man as well.

such love ♥


Alas my honey bunny sugarplum blah blah blah has finally landed to seaside! =)))

So we go home then whatever happens in the trip going home stays at the trip going home. Ok? =)

So much love!


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