June 16, 2011

Debuts... Debuts.... ☺

I've been on hiatus lately because I was too lazy to type click click click! =))

So this June, I attended two debuts with very different theme.
But as for me, I wore very same color of dress. Just the color but not the same dress. ☺
Since this summer, i've been crazy about the color hot pink, or any pink in the universe, I ended up buying two new hot pink dress that I find much sexy rather than before my other dress.
Ofcourse, I always look fat but, hey! At least I'm 70% confident about ze curves :) 30% wishing that i become thinner.. Any suggestions? :)

The first Debut was my Bestfriend's Fairy Theme Debut( June 9, 2011 @ Tivoli Clubhouse). Believe me, it was the most demanding debut I had ever encountered. (HIHIHI! Because she was the boss!) She asked ALLof us to wear a wings and she asked me and the other girls to look for a rare picture of us so that it would brighten up the 18 candles part.
And the rest is history.. ☺

In summary, It was a fun and yet tiring debut, since we have class the next thing in the morning ( and when I was morning, it was 7am!).

Next was Marj's debut.
Where? Patio Ibarra ☺
When: June 12, 2011

It was the awkwardest debut I attended. ( I won't tell because it would ruin my private life If you know my history, then you would know. ☺)

I thought I would love to hold my upcoming debut on that place but seeing the room, it was small for me and my guests so... Goodbye Patio Ibarra...

Even though it was really awkward, on the brighter side, the food was yummmeh! The mobile bar is awesome! and the debutante's gown was booom! ( It was my favorite color! I thought you wouldn't! But you did! I can't even! XD ). My boyfriend said that I got home drunk but no... i'm just tipsy. :p

for the outfit post!
2 Pink Dress = Both from Landmark
Wedge = Parisian
Grey Pumps = Figliarina
Accesories = Vintage and Mom's Jewel ☺ YEEEEHAAA! There's many more! =))
Cardigan = Vintage
Because We are hot and cold! ;)

MY SKINNY BITCHES! LOL (Char and Nina, Debbie, Me!)

My other Skinny bitch! Ara! ☺

Me and Marj! ☺

I love you but please, stop that eyes lurking
around. :( :*

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