November 6, 2011

From a china doll to a lady part 1

I'm officially 18 now and I would like to shared to you a transition of myself from infancy to the present time.
So be warned haha! :)

Newborn me! ☺

My christening! Y ME SAD THOUGH? :O

MY FIRST BIRTHDAY! and yet, still not smiling. LOL

With my Nephew *yes nephew whose older than me*, Rhon ☺

Eeeeek! =) I want to punch myself!! I'm so friggin cute! Haha *self praised*

This just shows that I'm a daddy's girl :"> and A CHINA DOLL! =)

Cutiepatootie who doesn't want to get out on the water! Haha!


BABY SWAG! HAHA =) Rockin those jumpers!

Me and my girly doll dress

Soft kitty...

Ms. Simangot of the year! Haha!

and yet, another jumper, and another man.
he's my bestfriend! no more no less! =)

"sleep sound tonight.."

 Ms. China! Because they call me, China Doll! =)

La La La, beautiful may flower :)

With my Lolo :') I miss him so much! :/

With my Elementary Friends! :) How I miss them! =)

Ms. France! =)

Ms. EVS :>

wait for the part 2! 

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